The Fix By Jonathan Tepperman



The Fix By Jonathan Tepperman


In “The Fix,” Jonathan Tepperman highlights ten countries’ successful strategies to combat severe challenges, offering a hopeful view on global political and economic issues through pragmatic solutions.

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  • Overview:
    • The Fix explores the solutions various nations have successfully implemented to overcome severe political and economic challenges.
    • Through a series of case studies, the book illustrates how pragmatic leadership and innovative policies can turn crises into opportunities.
    • Jonathan Tepperman, a journalist and editor, delves into ten countries’ strategies, offering a hopeful perspective amidst global pessimism.
  • Key Themes:
    • Pragmatism in Politics
    • Economic Reform
    • Social Innovation
    • Leadership and Governance
  • Case Studies Include:
    • Brazil’s Bolsa Família program
    • Canada’s immigration policy
    • Rwanda’s post-genocide recovery
    • Singapore’s education reforms
    • South Korea’s economic transformation
  • Target Audience:
    • Policymakers and political leaders
    • Economists and social scientists
    • General readers interested in global affairs and innovative solutions

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