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A Brief History

More than 126 years ago Ferozsons was established in 1894 in the city of Lahore as publisher and printer by its founder Moulvi Feroz-ud-Din and its first printing plant was established the same year at Chohotay Mufti Baqar inside the historical walled city of Lahore   In 1904 the company offices and book printing plant then moved into its own purpose built premises on Circular Road outside Sheranwala Gate. In 1931 daily Eastern Times was launched with Allama Abdullah Yousuf Ali as itsfirst editor. This newspaper ceased publication in late 1947. Ferozsons opened its first flagship bookshop in 1947 on The Mall in Lahore which was closed in 2017. In 1959 Ferozsons was incorporated as a private limited company which it still is today. A pharmaceutical company was also sponsored in the late 50’s which now operates as a separate entity. A trust was also created by the founder of Ferozsons to cater for the spread of religious teachings, provision of free medical aid to the poor and help to the way farer. The company’s printing plant moved into a 40,000 sq. ft. purpose built building in 1971 to provide printing service to both bookshops and customers and since then has shown positive  growth in its operation. Further expansion has been achieved with the construction of a 170,000 sq. ft. printing facility to provide printing service to its customers and also fulfill its in house printing requirements. The company’s operation include publishing, and distribution of books, carton printing stationary, magazines and gift items. Ferozsons has achieved an excellent reputation of ‘Made in Pakistan’ in Pakistan and overseas as a reliable and creative publishing and printing company .Our goal is to provide our customers with outstanding quality with our printing service, continue to invest in latest technologies to meet the changing requirements in publishing, and printing. Ferozsons, continues to invest in latest printing technologies such as exposing Digital Plates through state of the art Computer To Plate system, providing short run books whether it be 10 or 1000,000 books or related paper products through providing digital printing service. Ferozsons provides services for printing in multiple languages as well for its overseas customers.

Customers and Products Ferozsons – A Publishing Company 126 Years of Rich Experience

Ferozsons has a loyal following of customers throughout Pakistan and across the globe, searching for the best products at the best prices. Since its establishment, Ferozsons has dedicated itself to the advancement of education and the enrichment of culture through the development of books and related products, e.g. printing, school textbooks, dictionaries, books, magazines, reference books etc Due to its strong presence in the market for more than 126 years Ferozsons has become a household name in Pakistan and the premiere publisher, printer, distributor of books, stationery, supplier and gift items and through its company owned retail outlets. Due to the company’s forward and backward integration and its diversity of operations it is a premier publishing and printing company in Pakistan and enjoys the status of the industry leader in terms of sales, distribution, production capacity, and retail productivity. Publishing and Printing remains the core business of Ferozsons. The company’s brand name continues to command customer loyalty both inside the country and abroad. Today the company has published several titles by authors from all around the world. These include some eminent names specifically from Japan, USA, England, Europe, Turkey as well as other parts of the world. Most of the books are published in English and in the native language, Urdu. Some books are also available in the regional languages of Pakistan. Maximum effort is made to preserve the culture and heritage of Pakistan which is a beautiful country. In this area Ferozsons Coffee Table books have received wide recognition internationally as well as locally. Over the years, these books have gained a wide acceptability in Europe, USA, UK and GCC where the company’s exports are concentrated. Children and reference books remain to be one of the company’s main priority areas. In the publishing profession, the quality of people makes all the difference. The company has a qualified and experienced team of editors, artists, graphic designers and layout specialists to complement the works of their authors. These individuals have strong technical and professional skills and make all efforts to produce good quality books. Pakistan’s oldest and most widely circulated children magazine ‘Taleem-o-Tarbiat’ is also a publication of Ferozsons since 78 years .From the very beginning of Ferozsons the company’s philosophy has applied: A high quality product means a permanent challenge. This is why we don’t just develop new books and products, but always visions as well innovative solutions focusing upon the requirements of our customers. We are never fully satisfied with what we have achieved. We attend constantly to the continuing development of our company, our products and our service to the advantage of the customer. In order to fulfill our high standards, on the one hand we have always given priority to supporting the continuing training of our employees and on the other hand ongoing investments in the most recent technology. Thus, for example, we no longer offer the usual products found on the market. Instead, we visualize and design innovative quality books ourselves according to the required specifications and are certain that in this way we have achieved decisive competitive advantages. Today, our quality of content is seen even by our competitors as exemplary in this respect. Some of the projects have taken us many years of constant hard work to produce positive results e.g. dictionaries, encyclopedias, school textbooks, maps and work on many such innovative products is underway. The implementation of our publishing projects is subject to a rigorous quality management system in accordance with international standards from planning, through manufacture, up to delivery and guarantees optimal solutions with the Ferozsons seal of quality.

Bookselling & Distribution

Ferozsons products have become an inherent part of life in Pakistan. All Ferozsons products are sold at the company’s own retail outlets and are also wholesaled directly to other retailers and superstores. There are no intermediaries involved. Ferozsons own marketing network supports retail outlets that stock the company’s products. This network distributes the company’s products across all four provinces of the country to more than 28 main cities and more than 300 locations. The company’s nationwide retail sales network is spread over all the four major cities of the country i.e. six in Lahore, one in Karachi, and one each in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. All of these stores are a full-service operation. Employees display a gift for arranging and displaying the ware and for excellent service. These outlets carry more than 50,000 items including books, stationery, magazine, maps, cards and gift items. Continuous effort is made to add new products to meet the changing needs of business and consumers. These products are procured both locally as well as imported from abroad. In response to diversifying customer needs, Ferozsons is actively pursuing such measures as working with retail outlets to support the necessary shifts in business strategies, restructuring distribution networks, and strengthening information gathering and ordering systems. Therefore, Ferozsons is promoting the creation of its product corners at many such stores especially in the city of Lahore and Karachi, with plans for Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Quetta and Peshawar in the near future. The most modern possibilities for communication will enable us to react in the shortest possible time to the needs of our customers. We are always there for you!

Ferozsons – A Printing Company

Since the setting up of its first book printing press at Chohatay Mufti Baqar in 1894 Ferozsons has continuously endeavored to improve its performance, profitability, efficiency and reduced lead time and has also integrated backward with a fully integrated in-house printing setup. In 1971 it moved to our present location on the Empress Road (Shahrah e Abdul Hameed bin Badees) from Circular Road premises outside of Sheranwala Gate where it had moved from inside the walled city in 1904. Further expansion is underway at our Raiwind Road project with a built up area of 170,000 sq. ft. Starting from pre-press to post-production and idea conceptualization to the production of the final product, everything is done under one
roof. Ferozsons Printing & Packaging Division, besides printing the companys’ own publications, also provides printing service in following areas of offset & digital printing:

Digital Printing

  • Summer Vacations Assignment Printing-Variable Data Printing (VDP)
  • Question Papers Printing-Variable Data Printing ((VDP)
  • Short Run Book on Demand Printing
  • Thesis Printing
  • School Fee Challan Printing-Variable Data Printing(VDP)
  • Mobile Phone Bill Printing-Variable Data Printing (VDP)
  • Utility Bill Printing – Variable Data Printing(VDP)

Offset Printing Service

Annual Reports, Brochure, Leaflet, Flyer, Magazine, Business / Visiting Card, Textbook, Poster, Label, Book, Dictionary, Educational
Aids, Packaging, Postpaid Phone Bill, Utility Bill Printing – (Water/Gas/Electricity) The printing press operates on world’s leading
brand machinery and the most technically sophisticated equipment resulting in excellence and high product quality. The team at the printing press is equipped withthe most advanced and recent technologies and skills. Ferozsons specializes in the process, printing and finishing of paper and paper-board insheets and reels and the major fields of activities are:

  • Soft and hard cover books, 
  • Commercial work including brochures etc.,
  • Magazines  Calendars and diaries
  • Directories ictionaries,
  • Quality packaging

CEO-Zaheer Salam

The saga of Ferozsons spanning a period of one hundred and eleven years and extending over five generations is a story of dedicated and fruitful effort in the realms of publishing, printing and book-selling.Following the guidelines set by its illustrious founder Al-Haj Maulvi Feroz-ud-Din, the Company has blazed new trails as pioneers in the respective fields, setting new standards and scaling new heights.From a very modest and humbly start in 1894 the Company has steadily advanced from heritage to destiny, and has come to acquire the stature of a national institution dedicated to the advancement of education, and the enrichment of culture, through the its publishing activities.Presently, the Company’s operations include publishing, printing, retailing and a large distribution network.Due to the Company’s forward and backward integration and its diversity of operations it has become a premier publishing house and enjoys the status of industry leader in terms of sales, distribution and market share

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