The Great Imperial Hangover By Samir Puri



The Great Imperial Hangover By Samir Puri


In “The Great Imperial Hangover,” Samir Puri explores the lasting impact of imperialism on contemporary geopolitics, providing a nuanced analysis of how historical legacies continue to shape global affairs. Through comprehensive case studies and insightful analysis, Puri offers valuable perspectives on the challenges facing post-colonial states and the complexities of navigating the legacy of empire in the modern world.

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  • Historical Analysis: Explores the legacy of imperialism and its impact on contemporary geopolitics.
  • Global Perspective: Examines how former empires’ actions shape today’s international relations and conflicts.
  • Geopolitical Insight: Analyzes the challenges faced by post-colonial states and the persistence of imperial legacies.
  • Case Studies: Provides in-depth studies of regions affected by imperialism, such as South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Policy Implications: Offers insights for policymakers on addressing the enduring effects of imperialism.

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