Party Girls Die In Pearls: Plum Sykes



Party Girls Die In Pearls: Plum Sykes


“Party Girls Die in Pearls” by Plum Sykes is a witty murder mystery set in 1980s Oxford, where freshman Ursula Flowerbottom navigates high society parties and secret societies while unraveling the mysterious death of her glamorous classmate.”

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“Party Girls Die in Pearls” by Plum Sykes is a delightful murder mystery set in the glamorous world of 1980s Oxford University. The story follows Ursula Flowerbottom, a wide-eyed freshman from rural England, who dreams of becoming a journalist and making a name for herself at the prestigious university.

As Ursula navigates the complexities of university life, she finds herself drawn into a whirlwind of high society parties, secret societies, and eccentric characters. When Ursula’s glamorous classmate, Nancy Feingold, is found dead under mysterious circumstances, Ursula teams up with the enigmatic American exchange student, Nancy’s roommate, to solve the case.

As they delve deeper into the investigation, Ursula and her newfound partner uncover a web of secrets, scandals, and rivalries lurking beneath Oxford’s posh exterior. From exclusive gentlemen’s clubs to underground nightclubs, they follow a trail of clues that leads them to the heart of a dark conspiracy.

Along the way, Ursula learns valuable lessons about friendship, loyalty, and the importance of staying true to oneself. With her wit, charm, and determination, she navigates the treacherous waters of Oxford’s social scene, earning the respect of her peers and proving that she’s more than just a naive country girl.

Sykes’ witty prose and keen eye for detail bring 1980s Oxford to life, immersing readers in its vibrant atmosphere and colorful characters. With its clever plot twists and charming protagonist, “Party Girls Die in Pearls” is a delightful romp through the corridors of academia, filled with mystery, intrigue, and plenty of laughs.

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