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You’re The Password To My Life


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Virat and Kavya are like chalk and cheese. In spite of their differences, they are best friends and not even Mahek—the love of Virat’s life—can come in the way of that. But, as happens in every relationship, their friendship is put to the test by an unforeseen incident. Can Aditya, along with his cousin, come to their rescue yet again? So far, this has been the bestest story which is not only a story of love but also friendship. By Cover, I thought it will be a love story but the essence of friendship is amazing and then I realized that the book title is given for friendship. I am in love with Virat and such stories are inspirations to our generation to prove our friendship and to show our love. Seriously, it is one amazing novel and Sudeep hits a home run. you know there are these moments, where after you’ve finished reading a book and you feel like telling the author how much you loved it, This book was one such book for me. The sheer simplicity of this book floors you. In times when we’ve lost faith in the word called LOVE, but this story teaches you a million things. Beautifully written, keeps you on the edge right up till the end. It’ll make you smile and it’ll make you cry. Go for it because we belong to this generation. Unbeatable and you just cant put it down. Sudeep rocks once again and proves why his books are bestsellers. –Sheena Dec 8, 2014 Sudeep Nagarkar’s this book released with very big hype and I think this is the most hyped book of the year after Half girlfriend. Half girlfriend didnt amaze me to such an extent that I can talk about it. But I was really glad and happy that book lived to all the expectations. Indeed it takes every emotion to one level higher. Sudeep has written a masterpiece. This book will do wonders and no wonder it is already on bestsellers not only in stores on first day My take on book why it becomes a must read 1. Very well –Ruchi Dec 8, 2014 First All Of Congrats Sudeep For this one 🙂 This book is A Total Package of Emot

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