The Laughter House: Paul Cleave



The Laughter House: Paul Cleave


“The Laughter House” by Paul Cleave is a gripping psychological thriller set in Christchurch, New Zealand, where detective Tully Wehr hunts down a sadistic serial killer known as the “Christchurch Carver,” who leaves his victims with grotesque smiles carved into their faces. As Tully races against time to catch the killer, he’s drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse that pushes him to the brink of his sanity.

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“The Laughter House” by Paul Cleave is a chilling psychological thriller that immerses readers into the twisted mind of a serial killer and the determined detective tasked with stopping him. Set in the haunting landscape of Christchurch, New Zealand, the novel follows detective Tully Wehr as he investigates a series of gruesome murders that lead him into the darkest corners of human depravity.

The killer, known as the “Christchurch Carver,” leaves behind a trail of mutilated victims, each marked by a terrifying signature: a crude smile carved into their faces. As the body count rises and the city descends into fear and paranoia, Tully races against time to catch the elusive killer before he strikes again.

However, Tully soon finds himself entangled in a web of lies and deception, as the boundaries between right and wrong blur in his relentless pursuit of justice. With each new revelation, Tully is forced to confront his own demons and grapple with the moral complexities of his profession.

Meanwhile, the killer, driven by a chilling obsession with laughter and suffering, taunts Tully with cryptic messages and deadly games, leading to a heart-stopping showdown that will test the detective’s resolve and sanity.

“The Laughter House” is a gripping and suspenseful thriller that explores the depths of human darkness and the lengths one will go to in the name of justice. With its sharp twists, complex characters, and atmospheric setting, Paul Cleave delivers a haunting tale that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the final, spine-tingling revelation.

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