HEER WAARIS SHAH (Set of 6 vols)

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(Set of 6 Vols)

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Heer was well-known centuries before Waaris Shah undertook using it as a vehicle to give expression to discourses on philosophy, social interactions, human beahaviour,the state of institutions, historical appraisals, traditions, stereotypes, the poet’s response to invaders, the various angles from which different people viewed things, etc. All this is presented with humour that tours hilarity, heavy sexual innuendo, critique of religious and quasi –religious institutions (such as jog), etc. It is presented as a naqal, a theatrical romn in which those caricatured often caricature themselves. There is play with language and the poet created a stage within the listener’s or reader’s mind where a drama is played. He seems to have no hobby horses and, as the occasion demands, spare no one.

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