Alif Bay Qaida


Alif Bay Qaida


Alif Bay Qaida by Ferozsons is a foundational Urdu primer designed for children, providing a structured approach to learning the Urdu alphabet, basic words, and pronunciation through engaging exercises and colorful illustrations.

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Alif Bay Qaida by Ferozsons stands as a cornerstone in the journey of Urdu language acquisition for children. It serves as a comprehensive and meticulously structured primer designed to lay a strong foundation in Urdu literacy.

This educational resource takes young learners through a systematic exploration of the Urdu alphabet, providing them with the necessary tools to recognize, pronounce, and write each letter accurately. 

The book employs a variety of pedagogical techniques to engage children in the learning process. Colorful illustrations captivate their attention while aiding in the understanding and retention of concepts. 

Beyond just memorizing the alphabet, **Alif Bay Qaida** also introduces children to basic Urdu vocabulary and pronunciation. Through carefully curated examples and exercises, learners develop a practical understanding of how letters combine to form words and sentences.

Ferozsons, known for its commitment to educational excellence, has crafted this primer with durability and usability in mind. The sturdy construction ensures that the book can withstand the rigors of daily use, making it suitable for both home and classroom environments.


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