A Bridge Too Far (Wordsworth Military Library)

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A Bridge Too Far (Wordsworth Military Library)

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Arnhem 1944: the airborne strike for the bridges over the Rhine.

The true story of the greatest battle of World War II and the basis of the 1977 film of the same name, directed by Richard Attenborough.The Battle of Arnhem, one of the most dramatic battles of World War II, was as daring as it was ill-fated.It cost the Allies nearly twice as many casualties as D-Day.This is the whole compelling story, told through the vast cast of characters involved. From Dutch civilians to British and American strategists, its scope and ambition is unparalleled, superbly recreating the terror and suspense, the heroism and tragedy of this epic operation.’I know of no other work of literature of World War II as moving, as awesome and as accurate in its portrayal of human courage.’ – General James A Gavin

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