1001 Sawal O Jawab


1001 Sawal O Jawab


“101 Sawal o Jawab” by Majid Ali Sayed is a comprehensive guide that addresses common questions about various aspects of Islamic teachings and daily life. The book is structured in a question-and-answer format, making it accessible and easy to understand for readers seeking clarity on religious practices, ethical dilemmas, and theological concepts. 

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– **Comprehensive Guide**: “101 Sawal o Jawab” by Majid Ali Sayed addresses a wide range of common questions related to Islamic teachings and everyday life.

– **Question-and-Answer Format**: The book is structured in an accessible Q&A format, making it easy for readers to find answers to their specific queries.

– **Practical Resource**: Designed to be a practical resource, the book helps readers understand and apply Islamic principles in their daily lives.

– **Clarity and Simplicity**: Written with clarity and simplicity, the book makes complex theological concepts understandable for a broad audience.

– **Authoritative Source**: Authored by Majid Ali Sayed, a respected figure in Islamic scholarship, ensuring reliable and accurate information.

– **Enhances Understanding**: Aims to enhance readers’ understanding of Islam and guide them in practicing their faith with confidence.


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