The Vanished: Lotte And Soren Hammer



The Vanished: Lotte And Soren Hammer


“The Vanished” by Lotte and Søren Hammer is a gripping crime novel set in Copenhagen, Denmark, where Detective Konrad Simonsen and his team investigate the disappearance of young schoolboy Billy, uncovering a disturbing pattern of missing children. As they race against time to solve the case, they navigate through a web of suspects and hidden agendas in this atmospheric thriller.

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“The Vanished” is a thrilling crime novel penned by Lotte and Søren Hammer. Set in Copenhagen, Denmark, the story begins with the disappearance of young schoolboy, Billy. Detectives Konrad Simonsen and his team are tasked with investigating the case, but soon realize that Billy is not the only child to have gone missing. As they delve deeper into the investigation, they uncover a disturbing pattern of disappearances spanning several years.

Simonsen and his team navigate a complex web of suspects, including corrupt officials, troubled families, and individuals with hidden agendas. As the pressure mounts to solve the case, the detectives race against time to uncover the truth behind the vanished children before it’s too late.

“The Vanished” is a gripping and atmospheric thriller that keeps readers on the edge of their seats with its twists and turns. Lotte and Søren Hammer expertly craft a suspenseful narrative that explores themes of loss, desperation, and the dark underbelly of society. With its richly drawn characters and intricately woven plot, “The Vanished” is a must-read for fans of Scandinavian crime fiction.

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