The Truth According to Us : Annie Barrows



The Truth According to Us : Annie Barrows


“The Truth According to Us” by Annie Barrows is a captivating tale set in 1930s small-town West Virginia, following twelve-year-old Willa Romeyn’s quest to uncover family secrets and town mysteries amidst the backdrop of the Great Depression.”

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“The Truth According to Us” by Annie Barrows is a captivating novel set in the small town of Macedonia, West Virginia, during the summer of 1938. The story revolves around the vibrant and eccentric Romeyn family, particularly the curious and observant twelve-year-old Willa Romeyn.

As Willa’s family grapples with secrets, scandals, and long-held grudges, she becomes determined to uncover the truth behind the town’s mysterious past. Along the way, she forms unlikely alliances with Layla Beck, a young woman sent by the Federal Writers’ Project to write the town’s history, and Jottie Romeyn, her free-spirited aunt.

Through their perspectives and interactions with the colorful residents of Macedonia, including the charming Felix and the enigmatic Vause, the novel explores themes of family, loyalty, and the search for identity. As the truth slowly unravels, Willa discovers that sometimes the greatest revelations come from unexpected sources.

“The Truth According to Us” is a richly detailed and beautifully written tale that captures the spirit of small-town America during the Great Depression. With its memorable characters, vivid setting, and intricate plot, the novel is a poignant exploration of the complexities of human relationships and the power of storytelling to shape our understanding of the past.

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