The Parking Lot


The Parking Lot


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In her search for the ‘other family’, Hina, a young journalist, takes us from her upper middle-class neighbourhood in Lahore, to a very different setting.
The Parking Lot deals with the gulf between the rich and the poor in Pakistan, and between the richer segment of society and those whose life is a struggle for existence.
About the Author:
Rabia Ahmed has lived here, there and everywhere, but now lives in Lahore. She has worked and written for newspapers, and is the author of several stories for adults and children.
“Set within the framework of a family coming to terms with its own dark secrets, Rabia Ahmed’s novel brings into sharp focus the discrimination, violence and injustice religious minorities face in Pakistan. At times her account doesn’t read like fiction, so familiar is the sequence of events to us. This compelling story should evoke, among readers, greater understanding and empathy for our marginalised fellow citizens who are equal on paper only.”
Zohra Yusuf, former chairperson Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

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