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The author describes this book as ‘a collection of reminisces of a retired officer of the Pakistan Air Force.’ These ruminations span three decades of his meritorious service in the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), followed by three years in the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan.

Narrated as short stories, the author recalls situations that range from being downright hilarious to those that give accounts of courage and honour. Harrowing tales of flying experiences are recounted with breathless pace and dramatic imagery, keeping the reader constantly on edge.

His three-year tenure at the CAA was marred by the toxic relationship between him and the Director-General-a man he describes as uniquely uncouth’.

With uninhibited candour, he shines a light on the petty corruption and

cronyism endemic to Pakistan’s public sector organizations.

Random Recalls is an easy-to-read book, a potpourri of nail-biting stories and fascinating anecdotes. It will interest not just aviators but also the general reader, especially one who wishes to learn more about air force aviation.

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