Princess Stationery Set



Princess Stationery Set


“Rule your kingdom of creativity with our Princess Stationery Set, featuring everything a royal scholar needs: 2 pencils for crafting spells of wisdom, a regal ruler to measure your majesty, a geometry box to plot your kingdom’s angles, an eraser to banish any mistakes, a sharpener fit for a queen’s precision, and a majestic scissor to cut through any challenge with grace.”

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Included in this regal set are 2 pencils, each imbued with the power to manifest the most captivating of ideas onto parchment or paper. Alongside, a grand ruler stands ready to measure the vast expanse of one’s imagination, ensuring precision in every stroke and line drawn.

No royal court would be complete without a geometry box, and ours is fit for the most noble of pursuits. 

 And should one’s pencils require sharpening, a sharpener of royal pedigree stands at the ready, ensuring a point as sharp and precise as the wit of a seasoned monarch.

Last but certainly not least, a magnificent scissor adorns this collection, its blades as sharp as the wit of the ruler who wields it. 

 Set. Let your imagination soar as you wield these noble tools, each one a testament to the power and elegance of the royal spirit.

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Weight 235 g

2 Pencils,
1 Scissor,
1 Ruler,
1 Sharpener,
1 Eraser

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