Mystique Of Murree


Mystique Of Murree


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As a social history of Pakistan’s major hill station fondly referred to as “Malika-1-Kohsar’, this book is expected to make useful contribution to studies both of the British era and of the evolution of Murree Blazing heat compelled the English to seek refuge in the hills, spending six months of summer in the cool climate. Murree was among the foremost health resorts established in the second half of 19th century.

The birth and subsequent growth of Murree is recorded in the backdrop of historical past of the area including the local uprising of 1857, an event not fully highlighted in previous books. The religious zeal of Murree Municipal Committee

members in making Murree a town after the English

towns of Victorian elegance is duly appreciated. Embellished with 90 exciting photographs, the book evocatively portrays the enthusiasm of visitors and their holiday mood tinged with romance and reflected in picnics and dance parties. Military life is brought forth in all its colours and finery

The book also focuses on local tribal structure. culture and saints with the aim to capture the ethos of native lifestyle. The hill people are the original inhabitants of Murree and its adjoining areas Social history of Murree remains incomplete without them. For the Mystique of Murree is not only in its hills, verdure and salubrious climate, but in its people and their culture as well. This mystique is intensified when nature, history, people, romance and culture are juxtaposed to form a vibrant collage

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