Musafir Traveller


Musafir Traveller


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When we lose our confidence and are about to give up our endeavours
And someone else does what we thought of doing,

We think, ‘If he or she can do this, why can’t we?’

Then God gives us the confidence and we succeed.

Thus, I had the dream of achieving something.

I am grateful my parents never forced me to do anything
And they love me a lot as well.
One day I thought I would do something special.

Since I cannot walk I had to think of something I could do at home.
As my father is a writer,

I thought of becoming like him.

I wrote many stories but did not have the confidence to tell anybody.
I deleted all of them.

One day I was bored and sad,

But then, I don’t know how to say it,
I suddenly felt confident.

That day I decided to write poems.

When I told my father, he asked to read the poems.
He read them aloud.
I never thought he would be so happy.

Everyone said, ‘Keep it up’.

Then I had the courage to write this book
And named the first poem,

‘Musafir ‘ (Traveller).

I hope you will enjoy reading my book

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