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Kids Like Us by Hilary Rely


“Kids Like Us” by Hilary Reyl is a story about a teenage boy named Martin who has autism. He’s spending his summer in France with his mother, who is working on a film. Martin feels like an outsider, but he finds solace in his love for nature and his admiration for a girl named Alice. Throughout the summer, Martin struggles with feeling different and trying to fit in, but he learns important lessons about acceptance and friendship. The book explores themes of identity, friendship, and self-discovery through Martin’s unique perspective.

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“Kids Like Us” by Hilary Reyl is a poignant and insightful novel that delves into the life of Martin, a teenager with autism, as he navigates the complexities of adolescence and relationships in a foreign environment. Set against the backdrop of a picturesque French town where Martin’s mother is working on a film, the story follows Martin’s experiences, challenges, and growth throughout a transformative summer.

Martin’s autism shapes his worldview, leading him to view the world through a unique lens. He finds solace in the natural beauty of his surroundings and takes comfort in the routines he establishes to make sense of the world around him. Despite his struggles with social interactions and communication, Martin possesses a keen intellect and a deep sensitivity that endear him to the reader.

As Martin explores the town, he becomes captivated by a girl named Alice, whose warmth and kindness draw him out of his shell. Through their burgeoning friendship, Martin begins to confront his insecurities and fears of being different. He grapples with questions of identity and belonging, yearning to connect with others while navigating the challenges posed by his autism.

Throughout the novel, Martin’s internal dialogue provides insight into his thoughts and emotions, allowing readers to empathize with his journey of self-discovery. As he forms connections with Alice and other characters in the story, Martin learns valuable lessons about acceptance, empathy, and the true meaning of friendship.

“Kids Like Us” is a beautifully written exploration of neurodiversity, highlighting the richness and complexity of individuals with autism. Through Martin’s story, Hilary Reyl invites readers to embrace differences, celebrate diversity, and recognize the humanity that unites us all. With its authentic portrayal of autism and its heartfelt narrative, “Kids Like Us” is a compelling and thought-provoking read that resonates long after the final page.


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