Is Your Job Making You Fat ?


Is Your Job Making You Fat ?


“Explore the intersection of work and health with ‘Is Your Job Making You Fat?’ by Ken Lloyd, Ph.D., and Stacy Laura Lloyd. Backed by research, this book offers practical strategies to combat workplace-related weight gain and promote overall wellness.”

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  • Authors: Ken Lloyd, Ph.D., and Stacy Laura Lloyd
  • Title: Is Your Job Making You Fat?
  • Focus: Explores the correlation between workplace factors and weight gain.
  • Research-Based: Backed by scientific studies and expert insights.
  • Practical Solutions: Offers actionable strategies to combat weight gain at work.
  • Health Awareness: Raises awareness about the impact of work environment on health.
  • Engaging Narrative: Combines informative content with engaging storytelling.
  • Accessible: Suitable for professionals, managers, and anyone concerned about health in the workplace.

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