Cars Stationery Set 9 Pcs



Cars Stationery Set 9 Pcs


This set includes 2 pencils, 1 scissor, 1 ruler, 2 erasers, 1 sharpener, 1 pencil pouch, 1 notebook, and 1 gel pen. Stay organized and creative with this comprehensive collection.

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Discover the ultimate stationery set, meticulously curated to meet all your creative and practical needs. Our 9-piece ensemble is a testament to quality and functionality, designed to elevate your writing and crafting experiences.

Within this set, you’ll find two sleek pencils, ready to bring your ideas to life with smooth precision. Accompanying them is a versatile scissor, crafted for effortless cutting, ensuring every project is executed with finesse.

Precision is paramount, which is why we include a sturdy ruler, ensuring straight lines and accurate measurements every time. For those inevitable mistakes, we offer not one, but two erasers, guaranteeing a clean slate for your next masterpiece.

But what’s creativity without precision? Our sharpener ensures that your pencils are always sharp, ready to capture every detail of your imagination.

Keep everything organized and portable with our convenient pencil pouch, designed to hold all your essentials in one place.

Additional information

Weight 515 g

2 Pencils,
1 Scissor,
2 Erasers,
1 Ruler,
1 NoteBook,
1 Pouch,
2 Sharpener

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