A Guide to Health Narrative of Prevalent Diseases


A Guide to Health Narrative of Prevalent Diseases


Discover essential insights into health and wellness in Pakistan, including expert advice, lifestyle modifications, and first aid essentials, all aimed at promoting optimal wellbeing and fostering a fit nation.

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This book follows my first one ‘Fitness Fun, Nutrition and Lifestyle In Pakistan’. A project inspired by curiosity and the willingness to explore and share my knowledge with my fellow citizens. As quoted by Sarmad Iqbal: ‘Muggo’s primary motive has been to bring a “wellness revolution” and her book provides the “ammunition for it: DECEMBER 6, 2020 This book provides further insight into health on a serious scale.

Pakistan is a country of 229,183,986 million people as of June 10, 2022 with a young population and a median age of 22.8 years. To aim for a fit nation is possible by overall management of various health aspects and behavioral change. Knowledge of a particular disease in the long run is the essence of this guide book with doctor’s interviews packed with powerful experiential learning. Without a knowledge of the first line of defense called immunity you have nothing. Immunity is a combination of a number of aspects of health mainly physical fitness and quality nutrition. A comprehensive read that can help change your life and promote optimal wellbeing.

* Know your illness * Public health and hygiene

* 50 FAQS

* Which doctor to approach *Lifestyle modifications and wellness experts

* First aid essentials


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