With Out My Mum By Leigh Van Der Horst



With Out My Mum By Leigh Van Der Horst


“Without My Mum” by Leigh Van Der Horst is a heartfelt memoir chronicling the author’s journey through grief, healing, and personal growth after losing her mother, offering insights and solace to those navigating similar experiences.

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  • Personal Journey: “Without My Mum” by Leigh Van Der Horst is a deeply personal memoir recounting her emotional odyssey through grief after the sudden loss of her mother.
  • Grief and Healing: The book delves into Van Der Horst’s raw emotions, depicting the complexities of grief and her gradual process of healing and acceptance.
  • Reflections and Memories: Through reflective prose, the author shares cherished memories of her mother, capturing the essence of their relationship and the impact of her mother’s absence.
  • Support and Community: Van Der Horst explores the importance of support networks and community in coping with loss, offering insights and comfort to others facing similar challenges.
  • Personal Growth: The memoir chronicles Van Der Horst’s journey of personal growth and resilience, illustrating how loss can lead to profound self-discovery and transformation.
  • Universal Themes: Addressing universal themes of love, loss, and life’s fragility, the narrative resonates with readers who have experienced grief or seek understanding of its profound impact.

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