What's On Top ? Mare Martin



What’s On Top ? Mare Martin


What’s On Top? by Marc Martin is a charming children’s book that explores the concept of perspective through a series of playful illustrations depicting different animals stacking atop one another. Through delightful rhymes and engaging visuals.

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  • Overview: A delightful children’s book that creatively explores perspective and balance through playful animal stacking.
  • Concept:
    • Animal Stacking: Each page features different animals stacking atop one another in amusing and unexpected ways.
    • Perspective and Hierarchy: Introduces young readers to concepts of height, balance, and cooperation through visual storytelling.
  • Narrative Style:
    • Rhyming Text: Engaging rhymes that flow smoothly and enhance the reading experience.
    • Interactive Storytelling: Encourages interaction and discussion about the order and arrangement of the animals.
  • Illustrations:
    • Vibrant and Imaginative: Colorful illustrations that capture the whimsy and humor of the animal stacks.
    • Expressive Characters: Each animal is depicted with personality, adding depth to the visual narrative.
  • Educational Value:
    • Conceptual Learning: Teaches children about spatial relationships and the importance of balance.
  • Format:
    • Sturdy Paperback: Designed for durability and repeated reading, with easy-to-turn pages.
    • Interactive Elements: Provides opportunities for children to predict and participate in the story.

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