We Are Family By Susan Golombok



We Are Family By Susan Golombok


“We Are Family” by Susan Golombok explores the diverse and evolving structures of modern families, examining how they function and thrive beyond traditional definitions, supported by extensive research and real-life stories.

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  • Exploring Modern Families: “We Are Family” by Susan Golombok delves into the changing landscape of family structures in contemporary society.
  • Research-Based Insights: The book presents findings from extensive research on diverse family compositions, including same-sex parents, single parents, and blended families.
  • Challenging Traditional Norms: Golombok challenges traditional ideas of what constitutes a family, advocating for acceptance and understanding of different family configurations.
  • Impactful Stories: Includes compelling real-life stories that illustrate the resilience and dynamics within modern families.
  • Psychological Perspective: Offers a psychological perspective on how various family structures influence child development, well-being, and relationships.
  • Policy Implications: Discusses the implications for social policies and practices that support diverse families in today’s society.
  • Accessible and Informative: Written in an accessible style, making complex research and theories understandable for a broad audience interested in family dynamics and sociology.
  • Celebrating Diversity: Celebrates the strength and diversity of families, highlighting their ability to thrive and provide love and support regardless of traditional norms.

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