The Paula Principle By Tom Schuller



The Paula Principle By Tom Schuller


“The Paula Principle” by Tom Schuller explores why women often work below their competence levels and how this impacts their careers and society, offering insights and solutions for achieving gender equality in the workplace.

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  • Core Concept: “The Paula Principle” by Tom Schuller examines why women frequently work below their competence levels and the societal and career implications of this phenomenon.
  • Competence vs. Career Progression: Analyzes the gap between women’s competence and their career progression, highlighting the factors that contribute to this disparity.
  • Five Factors: Identifies five key factors that influence why women often end up working below their potential: discrimination, care responsibilities, self-perception, human capital, and job design.
  • Gender Inequality: Provides a thorough exploration of gender inequality in the workplace, backed by research and real-world examples.
  • Societal Impact: Discusses the broader impact on society and the economy when women are not able to fully utilize their skills and abilities.
  • Case Studies: Includes case studies and personal stories that illustrate the challenges women face and the strategies they employ to navigate their careers.
  • Policy and Practice: Offers insights into policy and organizational practices that can help address the issues identified, promoting greater gender equality and better utilization of talent.
  • Actionable Solutions: Proposes actionable solutions for individuals, employers, and policymakers to help women achieve their full potential in the workplace.

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