The Lincoln Lawyer By Michael Connelly



The Lincoln Lawyer By Michael Connelly


“The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly follows Mickey Haller, a defense attorney who operates out of his Lincoln Town Car, as he navigates a high-stakes case that challenges his skills and ethics.”

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  • Genre: Legal Thriller
  • Synopsis:
    • Follows Mickey Haller, a defense attorney who operates his practice out of the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car.
    • Mickey takes on a high-profile case defending Louis Roulet, a wealthy Beverly Hills playboy accused of assault.
    • Initially seeing the case as a straightforward win, Mickey soon discovers deeper, darker secrets that complicate the defense.
    • Explores themes of justice, morality, and the complexities of the legal system.
    • Mickey’s investigation reveals shocking connections to a previous case, putting his life and career at risk.
    • Highlights Mickey’s clever legal maneuvering and ethical dilemmas as he seeks the truth.
    • Blends intense courtroom drama with suspenseful twists and turns.
    • Provides a gritty, realistic portrayal of the legal profession and the lengths a lawyer will go to protect his client.

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