The Ladybird Big Book of Slimy Things By Imogen Russell Williams



The Ladybird Big Book of Slimy Things By Imogen Russell Williams


The Ladybird Big Book of Slimy Things is a delightful and educational children’s book that explores the fascinating world of all things slimy. Filled with vibrant illustrations and engaging text, this book introduces young readers to a variety of slimy creatures and substances, from slugs and snails to gooey science experiments.

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  • Content:
    • Variety of Topics: Covers a wide range of slimy subjects, from animals like slugs and snails to fun, gooey science experiments.
    • Educational: Provides fascinating facts about the biology and behavior of slimy creatures.
    • Interactive Elements: Includes activities and experiments that children can try at home.
  • Illustrations:
    • Vibrant Artwork: Features colorful and captivating illustrations that bring the slimy subjects to life.
    • Detailed Drawings: Each page is filled with intricate details to engage young readers.
  • Writing Style:
    • Engaging Text: Written in a lively and accessible style, perfect for children.
    • Humorous Tone: Contains fun and gross-out humor that will appeal to kids.
  • Audience:
    • Age Group: Ideal for children aged 5-9 years.
    • Curiosity Spark: Great for kids with an interest in nature, science, and the gross and slimy aspects of the world.

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