The Flying Orchestra By Clare Mc Fadden



The Flying Orchestra By Clare Mc Fadden


“The Flying Orchestra by Clare McFadden is a beautifully illustrated children’s book that captures the magic of music as an invisible orchestra accompanies life’s special moments.”

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  • Genre: Children’s Fiction, Picture Book
  • Synopsis:
    • A beautifully illustrated children’s book that explores the magical presence of an invisible orchestra that plays music for all of life’s special moments.
    • Follows the whimsical idea that there is a flying orchestra that appears to accompany various events, emotions, and experiences throughout the day.
    • Highlights the connection between music and emotions, showing how different melodies can reflect and enhance feelings such as joy, sadness, excitement, and calm.
    • Each page presents detailed and colorful illustrations that captivate young readers and bring the concept of the flying orchestra to life.
    • Encourages children to notice and appreciate the music in their everyday lives and to understand how it can influence their emotions and experiences.
    • The poetic and imaginative narrative fosters a sense of wonder and creativity in young readers.

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