Stories Of The Prophets Complete Set(1-17)



Stories Of The Prophets Complete Set(1-17)


“Stories of the Prophets” by Ferozsons presents 17 engaging tales of prophets for children, offering timeless lessons and moral guidance.

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Here are 17 titles from “Stories of the Prophets” by Ferozsons, each with a brief description suitable for children:

1. Prophet Adam (AS)
The story of the first human being and prophet, highlighting his creation and life in the Garden of Eden.

2. Prophet Nuh (AS)
The tale of Prophet Noah and his ark, emphasizing his mission to save the faithful from the great flood.

3. Prophet Ibrahim (AS)
An account of Prophet Abraham’s unwavering faith in Allah, his trials, and his role as the patriarch of many nations.

4. Prophet Ismail (AS)
The story of Prophet Ishmael, known for his patience and his role in the building of the Kaaba with his father Ibrahim.

5. Prophet Ishaq (AS)
The life of Prophet Isaac, focusing on his blessings and his significance as a righteous son and prophet.

6.Prophet Lut (AS)
The narrative of Prophet Lot, highlighting his efforts to guide his people away from immorality and towards righteousness.

7.Prophet Yaqub (AS)
The story of Prophet Jacob and his twelve sons, including the trials and eventual reunion with his beloved son Yusuf.

8.Prophet Yusuf (AS)
An inspiring story of Prophet Joseph, his journey from being sold into slavery to becoming a powerful leader in Egypt.

9. Prophet Shuayb (AS)
The tale of Prophet Jethro, focusing on his guidance to his people on fairness and honest trade.

10.Prophet Musa (AS)
The epic story of Prophet Moses, his mission to free the Israelites from Pharaoh’s tyranny, and the revelation of the Torah.

11.Prophet Harun (AS)
The supportive role of Prophet Aaron, assisting his brother Moses in delivering the message of Allah.

12.Prophet Dawud (AS)
The life of Prophet David, his bravery in defeating Goliath, and his wisdom as a king and a prophet.

13.Prophet Sulaiman (AS)
The story of Prophet Solomon, known for his wisdom, wealth, and his ability to communicate with animals and jinn.

14. Prophet Ayub (AS)
The tale of Prophet Job, highlighting his immense patience and unwavering faith during his severe trials.

15.Prophet Yunus (AS)
The story of Prophet Jonah, his time spent in the belly of a great fish, and his eventual realization and repentance.

16.Prophet Zakariya (AS)
The life of Prophet Zechariah, his prayers for a child, and the miraculous birth of his son, John (Yahya).

17.Prophet Isa (AS)
The miraculous birth of Prophet Jesus, his teachings, miracles, and his message of peace and compassion.


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