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Nayantara Noorani started writ­ing her first novel, A Dream Come True when she was eleven. It was published a year later, taking the English reading public in the country by storm. It was not merely read avidly by children but also by quite a few grown ups, with one of them commenting “It’s a novel for chil­dfen, but it is by no means child­ish.” It was widely reviewed by the Press in not just Pakistan but also India and UAE Her reviewers echoed one point that she has a flair for storytelling and a penchant for narration.Nayantara Noorani’s second novel Reflections is thematically a world apart from her maiden attempt. When circumstances compel Shoaib and his family to move to their ancestral home, Shoaib is pulled b~ck through time so that he may save all that belonged to his family. All this is made possible by a strange old mirror in his room, which ” … was a gift and would one day help out the family in dire trouble.”The I8-year old writer did her A-levels on the eve of complet­ing her final draft of Reflections. She is currently studying for her B.B.A. (Hons.) at the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.

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