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Everyone has a role to play in this world. Some lead, others have to be led. A singer needs ears and an artist requires eyes. Life is precariously balanced with precise interdependence. Privileges and duties are intricately co-related, one’s rights are others’ obligations. Commitments to family, demands of society, requirements of job, dictates of conscience, and above all, the rules defined by religion – all have to be fulfilled and that too optimally!

Innumerable hurdles block the ascent to success but these have to be surmounted with minimal friction. The world abounds in distractions but one has to learn to ignore them. Successful is the person who maintains equilibrium and achieves the predefined objectives. This book is a about these bonds, obligations and duties – the relationships with people, society and the Creator.

In our frontiers, new winds are blowing and new forces are emerging, we realize that even the norms are changing. What was our own is no longer ours!

The face of cities have changed, the roads we used to tread on are now blocked. There are barriers everywhere – some physical and many more mental! ‘Dictates of Conscience’ addresses such issues. In this darkness ‘Pearls of Society’ becomes a reason to live.

‘How To Shed Pounds’ is everyone’s problem. Obesity is the new epidemic which has many adverse documented consequences. This chapter sensitizes to obesity and offers practical and easy to¬†



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