I'm A Hero Too By Jamila rizvi



I’m A Hero Too By Jamila rizvi


“I’m A Hero Too” by Jamila Rizvi is an uplifting children’s book that helps kids understand and cope with the changes brought by COVID-19 through the story of a young girl whose mother is a frontline worker.

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  • Timely Theme: Addresses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children and families.
  • Inspiring Protagonist: Features a young girl whose mother is a frontline healthcare worker, showcasing her bravery and resilience.
  • Emotional Support: Aims to help children understand and cope with their emotions during uncertain times.
  • Empathy and Understanding: Promotes empathy for frontline workers and their families.
  • Illustrative Storytelling: Combines heartfelt storytelling with beautiful illustrations to engage young readers.
  • Educational Value: Provides insights into the roles of essential workers and the importance of their contributions.
  • Positive Message: Emphasizes the idea that everyone can be a hero by supporting and caring for each other.
  • Family Focus: Highlights the strength and unity of families facing challenges together.
  • Accessible Language: Written in an easy-to-understand language suitable for young children.
  • Acclaimed Author: Authored by Jamila Rizvi, a well-respected writer known for her empowering messages and relatable stories.

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