Girl From The Sea By Margaret Wild And Jane Tanner



Girl From The Sea By Margaret Wild And Jane Tanner


“Girl from the Sea” by Margaret Wild and Jane Tanner is a captivating children’s book that tells the enchanting tale of a mysterious girl discovered by a young boy on the beach, blending magical realism with themes of friendship and discovery.

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  • Magical Encounter: Follow the story of a young boy who discovers a mysterious girl washed ashore on the beach.
  • Themes of Friendship: Explore the development of an unexpected friendship between the boy and the enigmatic sea girl.
  • Beautiful Illustrations: Enjoy the captivating artwork by Jane Tanner that brings the coastal setting and characters to life.
  • Sense of Wonder: Experience a blend of magical realism and heartfelt storytelling that captures the imagination.
  • Exploration of Identity: Delve into themes of identity and belonging as the girl navigates her mysterious origins.
  • Emotional Depth: Encounter moments of emotion and empathy as the characters learn from each other’s differences.
  • Message of Hope: Discover a message of resilience and hope woven into the narrative, suitable for young readers.
  • Educational Value: Benefit from the book’s ability to stimulate discussions on friendship, empathy, and the environment.

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