George Parker Goes Global By David Metzenthen



George Parker Goes Global By David Metzenthen


“George Parker Goes Global by David Metzenthen is a captivating journey of self-discovery and adventure as George navigates international travel, cultural encounters, and personal growth.”

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  • Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Adventure
  • Characters:
    • George Parker: The protagonist, a spirited and open-minded young man eager to explore and learn from diverse cultures.
    • Supporting Characters: A colorful ensemble of fellow travelers, locals, and mentors who leave a lasting impact on George’s journey.
  • Themes:
    • Cultural Exploration: Embracing diversity and understanding through immersive travel experiences.
    • Self-Discovery: George’s quest to uncover his own identity and values amidst a backdrop of global adventures.
    • Friendship and Connection: Building meaningful relationships that transcend borders and languages.
    • Personal Growth: Overcoming challenges and evolving through transformative experiences.
  • Setting: Varied and richly depicted settings spanning continents, showcasing the diversity of cultures and landscapes George encounters.
  • Reception: Praised for its realistic portrayal of travel and cultural immersion, resonating with readers for its authentic characters and universal themes of self-discovery and human connection.

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