Colouring Book Complete Set(1-16)



Colouring Book Complete Set(1-16)


My First Colouring Book by Ferozsons: A delightful collection of 12 titles including 123, ABC, Birds, Colours, Flags, Fruits, Insects, Opposites, and Vegetables, each offering fun and educational coloring activities tailored for early learners.

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123 :Learn numbers through fun illustrations perfect for early learners. 

 ABC: Explore the alphabet with engaging visuals and easy-to-follow letter tracing.

A, B, C: Master letter recognition and formation with delightful coloring activities.

Birds: Discover a variety of feathered friends with colorful feathers to brighten up. Colours: Dive into a world of hues and shades, enhancing color recognition skills.

Flags: Journey around the world through vibrant national flags to color and learn.

Fruits: Discover a rainbow of fruits, from juicy oranges to sweet strawberries.

Insects: Encounter fascinating insects and their intricate patterns in nature.

Opposites: Learn contrasting concepts through fun and engaging illustrations.

Vegetables: Explore nutritious veggies and their vibrant colors to fill in.

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