Beast By Dough Merlino



Beast By Dough Merlino


“Beast” by Doug Merlino is a captivating exploration of MMA fighter Erik “The Beast” Oganov’s journey, blending sports narrative with personal growth and cultural insights from Russia’s underground fight scene.

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  • Personal Journey: “Beast” by Doug Merlino delves into the personal and professional journey of Erik “The Beast” Oganov, an MMA fighter navigating the highs and lows of the sport.
  • Character Exploration: Explore Oganov’s background, motivations, and the challenges he faces in the competitive world of mixed martial arts.
  • Cultural Context: Gain insights into Russia’s underground fight scene and its impact on Oganov’s career and identity.
  • Sporting Narrative: Follow the gripping narrative of Oganov’s fights, victories, setbacks, and the physical and mental demands of MMA.
  • Human Element: Humanizes the sport through Oganov’s relationships, sacrifices, and personal growth as he pursues his dreams.
  • Social Commentary: Offers commentary on the broader themes of sportsmanship, perseverance, and the intersection of culture and athleticism.
  • Authoritative Perspective: Written with Merlino’s expertise in sports journalism, providing an informed and engaging account of Oganov’s life and career.

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