Bad Mermaids By Sibeal Pounder



Bad Mermaids By Sibeal Pounder


“Bad Mermaids by Sibeal Pounder introduces readers to a group of unconventional mermaids who embark on hilarious and mischievous adventures, blending fantasy with humor in a whimsical underwater world.”

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  • Genre: Children’s Fiction, Fantasy, Humor
  • Synopsis:
    • Introduces readers to three unconventional mermaids—Bea, Ava, and Coral—who are known for causing mischief and mayhem underwater.
    • The trio’s adventures take them through humorous escapades as they navigate the quirky underwater world filled with magical creatures and eccentric characters.
    • Bea, Ava, and Coral embark on a quest to save their home, the Clamshell Bay Mermaid School, from an impending threat, blending fantasy elements with comedic situations.
    • The story explores themes of friendship, bravery, and the importance of being true to oneself amidst chaotic and comedic circumstances.
    • Sibeal Pounder’s narrative style captures the imagination of young readers with witty dialogue, imaginative settings, and unexpected twists.
    • Features colorful illustrations that enhance the whimsical atmosphere of the underwater realm, appealing to children’s sense of wonder and humor.
    • Perfect for readers who enjoy light-hearted fantasy adventures and humorous tales featuring unconventional characters.

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