A Hundred Small Lessons By Ashley Hay



A Hundred Small Lessons By Ashley Hay


“A Hundred Small Lessons” by Ashley Hay is a poignant novel that interweaves the lives of two women, exploring themes of memory, motherhood, and the passage of time as they inhabit the same house decades apart in Brisbane, Australia.

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  • Interwoven Lives: “A Hundred Small Lessons” by Ashley Hay explores the intertwined stories of two women, Elsie and Lucy, who live in the same Brisbane house decades apart.
  • Themes of Memory: The novel delves deeply into the theme of memory, examining how past experiences shape the present and the lingering impact of former residents on a home.
  • Motherhood and Family: It sensitively portrays the complexities of motherhood, capturing the joys and challenges faced by both women in their roles as mothers.
  • Passage of Time: The book reflects on the passage of time, showing how personal histories and the physical space of a home are connected through the years.
  • Richly Drawn Characters: Hay creates richly detailed characters, bringing to life their emotions, struggles, and growth through vivid storytelling.
  • Brisbane Setting: The novel paints a vivid picture of Brisbane, Australia, immersing readers in the local landscape and cultural backdrop.
  • Emotional Resonance: Through its lyrical prose and heartfelt narrative, the book evokes a strong emotional response, highlighting the universal experiences of loss, change, and resilience.
  • Intimate Portraits: It offers intimate portraits of the lives of ordinary women, emphasizing the small but significant moments that define their existence.

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