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Fateh M. Sandeela

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Number of Pages:278Pages
ISBN :9690101390
Binding :Hard Cover




For quite sometime now, Islamic Fundamentalism has been making headlines across the world. Following the collapse of Communism, it offers the only alternative to the prevailing world order. Events in Afghanistan and Central Asia are watched with interest and concern by political and military strategists and analysts in all advanced centres of study and research. Fears and hopes alike of friends and foes are pinned on the outcome.An Islamic government seems to be in place in Kabul. Peace seems to have been restored and life seems to be getting back on the track. But there have already been arguments about who shall rule and how, and even arms have been used in the process, secular support solicited and anti-Islamic forces involved. The Mujahideen themselves are very far from agreed on the ways of working their polity.Pakistan, Iran and other Muslim countries that helped in the Afghanistan Jehad, though abundantly possessed of sentiments and sympathies, have no blueprint to offer. They have themselves been struggling to Islamise their own polity with at best some marginal success. Their leadership is meaningfully described by the enemy circles as 'moderate'. Some of the more confident leaders have expressly and insistently proclaimed themselves to be 'no fundamentalists'.It is to meet the crying need of this current situation that The Islamic Constitution is offered. It underscores the importance of Islam's political dimension. It evaluates the recent efforts, particularly made in Pakistan, to Islamise the polity. It identifies the contents of The Islamic Constitution spelt out in the ultimate sources of Islam: the Quran and the Sunnah. It brings out their sufficiency as well as their distinctiveness. And it suggests the practical ways of working towards the active establishment of the Islamic polity.No human exposition .of Allah's Law can ever be either perfect or complete. Nor 'can The Islamic Constitution. It is be­lieved to be only opportune: the timely reminder of, and recall to, Allah's Law itself. The writer will feel sufficiently rewarded if only he has effectively invited to the original sources and exposed the evil of imitation constitutionalism in which most of the Muslim political elite are so apishly engrossed. Wa Sallam!


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