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After the Military coup on 12th October 1999, General Pervez Musharraf in his first speech to the Nation said, "Pakistan today stands on the cross road of destiny - a destiny which is in our hands to make or break. Fifty-two years ago, we started with a beacon of hope, and today that beacon of hope is no more and we stand in darkness. There is despondency and hopelessness surrounded us, with no light visible anywhere around."

We have lost our honor, our dignity, our respect. Is this democracy our Quaid-i-Azam ensured? Is this the way to enter the new millennium?

I am an optimist. I have the faith in the destiny of our nation, belief in its people and conviction in its future. We are not a poor nation as generally perceived. In fact, we are rich. We have fertile land that can produce three crops a year. We have abundant water to irrigate the land and also generate-surplus power. We have gas, coal and vast-untapped mineral resources, and above all a dynamic and industrious people. All these await mobilization. We have only to awaken, join hands and grasp destiny. For Allah help's those who help themselves.

If that is so, and we have all those things stated above, by the grace of God, then how is it that the common man is still feeling so miserable all the time, despite the lapse of 52 years of Pakistan? Please read between the lines of my book and find out the answer yourself to my question. My job is to unleash the truth for the coming generations, to ponder and find out the answer. Also this book is for outsiders to understand the pragmatic Pakistan.

To me at. least a democratic dispensation is Sine QUANON of a decent government. The military rule may be institutionalized, but democracy can still work in Pakistan, as in Turkey.

I am not crying for the moon. One does not have to look into the DEAD SEA SCROLLS for an answer.

General Musharraf recently said, "Three most difficult decision in his life were the about turn on Afghanistan policy shortly after 

September 11, the crackdown on religious extremists that followed and hand shake with the Indian Prime Minister at the SAARC Summit in Nepal", which means that he is capable of taking tough decisions in the national interest of Pakistan. He further said, "I am not like all other generals - I don't bow to irrational traditions". So far so good!

So it is settled. General Musharraf is charismatic. Pakistan is a country locked in a passionate embrace with poverty, illiteracy and health crisis and utility shortages and in Pakistan democracy has now worn a widow's needs, whereas Quaid-i-Azam has said, "The new state shall be modern, democratic state with sovereignty resting in the people".

We remember General Zia ul Haq oppressive regime, the hopes which Benazir Bhutto created and dashed. Most people welcomed Nawaz Sharifs ouster. He was an incapable and corrupt ruler. He mishandled economy. Acted like a dictator. Sharif had sent packing a Chief Justice, two naval chiefs, two army chiefs (one could just save his life) and came down with a heavy hand on the press and political opponents. Nawaz Sharif in two and half years in power completely ruined the institutions in our country, the army was the only institution left which he also wanted to do, so that he becomes an "Amirul Momineen" like Mullah Omar of Afghanistan who made the life of his people a living hell.

The eleven years of General Zia ul Haq's rule in Pakistan was the darkest phase in its history, which was marked by economic stagnation, loot of national wealth and emasculative of all dissent. The Islamisation under General Zia's rule, instead of resolving Pakistan's socio­economic problems had aggravated them. The Hudood Ordinance has further reduced the status of women. Under the ordinance, only women victims of rape and adultery of crime have been persecuted, while the male perpetrators of the crime have gone free, in the absence of four male witnesses. It was a boon for the Mullahs.

Pakistan has been ruled by unelected governments for 25 of its 52 years of history. Why can't we have a GRIBALDY in Pakistan who after he consolidated Italy and sorted out all its problems wanted to retire? The loving Italians who worshipped him asked if they could do something for his wonderful efforts for the country replied, "Give me a sack of seeds so that I go back to my village and grow a crop on my small land," wonderful! The American Ambassador in Pakistan William


Milan who met General Musharraf in the days immediately after the coup described him, "As a man of rectitude sincerity and patriotism" _ a role model of a modern general. He is certainly adorable in Western Societies. He is our only HOPE.

Please permit me to record a few priorities for the future Saviour of Pakistan, to draw his attention;

(1) He has to remind Musharrafs address to the National Seerat Conference on June 5, 2001, when he said, "When you boast that we will hoist our flag on the Red Fort in Delhi. Have you ever thought of the consequences of such talk on Muslims in India?" The Muslims in India are more in number than the Muslims in Pakistan, and widely dispersed and difficult to defend themselves. Quite recently, there have been a conflict on the question of Ram Mandir construction in Ajodhia (India) and more than 5 thousand Muslims have been killed. A couple of years ago in a similar conflict under the leadership of Lal Kishan Advani JATRA thousand of Muslims were killed all over the India. Even during the normal peacetime, the plight of the Indian Muslims is terrible. Very few Muslims are taken in the Army, Police or in other government services. There only options left are to drive rikshas, yukkas or thelas. On the other hand, Muslim girls are encouraged to go to college education. After that, their only option left is to marry Hindus boys what ashame!

(2) He has"to restore real democracy in Pakistan for a change and not basic democracy, controlled democracy or the so-called Islamic democracy. The main cause of the failure of a bit of democracy in Pakistan, that we had a few times, feudal lords of Pakistan who grab votes from their servants and capture seats in the assemblies and always oppose the agricultural reforms for over 50 long years. Quaid-i-Azam said about feudal lords of Pakistan, "The present system is so vicious which is so wicked, which makes them so selfish that it is difficult to argue with them. Do you visualize that millions have been exploited and cannot g~t meal a day. If that is the idea of Pakistan, I would not have it".

The couple of land reforms that ha~¢ been carried out were mere eye-wash and therefore most in effective to root out feudalism in Pakistan. The maximum limit of land allotment is 12Y2 acre per family and not per individual, in India.

(3) He has to get back the defaulted loans of the Banks, which are in billions. Each dictator in Pakistan who promised to eradicate


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