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R.A . Jairazbhoy

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Number of Pages:116Pages
ISBN :9690013106
Binding :Paper Back




Supposing a near-primitive society would adopt civilisation virtually overnight, it would of necessity have to reach out and absorb what it saw of value in neighbouring lands. This is just what occurred when the pagan Arabs abandoned their past, and marched into the sophisticated old civilisations all around them. They did not borrow indiscriminately; it all had to fit in with a code of principles that lay at the core of their faith. This attitude of openness tempered with vigilance resulted in the growth of a civilisation in due course that crystallized its own form and pat­tern.

This book is an attempt to marshall some of the mature manifestations of Islamic civilisation in the many realms of art and science. To achieve this in the space of a single volume necessitates Jiscrimi­nating choice on the one side, and a process of en­capsulation on the other. Hence no apologies are offered for what has been included and what has not. Religious, mystical and philosophical aspects have not been included as they belong more properly under the heading of culture than of civilisation.

On the whole the approach has been to stimu­late and sustain the interest, and in this the visuals playa large part. Admittedly some subjects were just not illustrated such as the portraits of great or 

creative men. They have been substituted here by imaginative renderings of modern artists with the purpose of serving a mnemonic function only, that is as an aid to memory. Portraiture did come into exist­ence, but it was for the most part either a rare or late phenomena, and often a royal prerogative (see Chap­ter 7 end).

In the last analysis Islam gave back to the world as much as it got, and a great deal more. Its bounty is a rich repast. Some of it is laid before the reader in the present book. 

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