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N. Ahmad

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Number of Pages:104Pages
ISBN :9690100149
Binding :Hard Cover




Hindu - Muslim coalescence in the Indian subcontinent began from eleventh century with the arrival of the main thrust of Muslim from Central Asia into India, and the later conversion of Hindus to Islam. Their mutual intercourse over the centuries caused the population of India to undergo multidimensional changes-social, economic, cultural, religious and others. Yet, in spite of all, Hindus and Muslims remained distinct with an emphasis on separateness. They mixed but never diffused, co-existed but never became one, Hindu - Muslim separateness became more prominent with the loss of Muslim power in the seventeenth century and the foundation of British rule. Coupled with other factors Muslims gradually evolved a separate political opinion from the' Hindus. This Muslim self-assertion later took the shape of a concept that they were a nation, apart from the Hindus. It spurred them to demand, first in the nineteen thirties, a special political position in British India, and then, in the forties, in­dependent statehood, should the British leave. The demand culmi­nated in the creation of Pakistan in 1947. Present study investigates the basic features of Muslim separatism and their causes, as witnes­sed in the process. The essay was originally an introduction to the vast bibliographical thesis which was submitted and accepted for the author's election as a Fellow of the Library Association, London, in 1984. 

The author obtained his Master's Degree from the University of Dacca in 1966, read at the Liverpool Polytechnic Department of Lib­rary and Information Studies and q~alified, by gaining additional professional experience, for election as an Associate of the Library Association, London, in 1974; on submission of a thesis, elected a Fellow of the Library Association; London, in 1984.

Worked in the Pakistan Academy for Rural Development Library in Com­illa and the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Library in Dacca from 1963 to 1967; Liverpool City Public Library, Liverpool Polytechnic Faculty of Engineering and Science Library, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Public Library and the University of Aberdeen Library from 1967 to 1984. Since 1985 he has been living in his hometown Camilla. 

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