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81/D-1 Main Boulevard,Gulberg 111,Lahore
Name of CEO:Mr.Zaheer Salam
Area of Specialty :Publisher,Printer,Distributor,Importer,Exporter Library supplier & Stationers.
Company Profile:Ferozsons is Pakistan’s oldest and leading Publisher,Printer bookseller,Distributor and importer,established in the year 1894.We specialize in textbooks,educational ,academic and reference books.Having a chain of retail/distribution,bookstore network in major cities nationwide.Ferozsons is a well known brand name in the world of publishing .We also have books on cooking,fiction,nonfiction poetry,coffee table,dictionaries and wide range of children books.We also publish Pakistan’s oldest children monthly magazine “Taleem O Tarbiat” which is a best seller since over 71 year.Ferozsons serving the nation since 123 year.

CEO-Zaheer Salam

The saga of Ferozsons spanning a period of one hundred and eleven years and extending over five generations is a story of dedicated and fruitful effort in the realms of publishing, printing and book-selling.Following the guidelines set by its illustrious founder Al-Haj Maulvi Feroz-ud-Din, the Company has blazed new trails as pioneers in the respective fields, setting new standards and scaling new heights.From a very modest and humbly start in 1894 the Company has steadily advanced from heritage to destiny, and has come to acquire the stature of a national institution dedicated to the advancement of education, and the enrichment of culture, through the its publishing activities.Presently, the Company’s operations include publishing, printing, retailing and a large distribution network.Due to the Company’s forward and backward integration and its diversity of operations it has become a premier publishing house and enjoys the status of industry leader in terms of sales, distribution and market share.
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